Make a 16-sided biscornu

By gord, Tue, 2010-07-13 11:16

1. Stitch your chosen motif of 21 stitches high by 21 stitches wide 10 times onto a piece of 14-count aida or 28-count evenweave. Stitch a second motif five times onto a different coloured fabric.

2. Cut each block to size, leaving 0.5cm (¼in) around each of the backstitched borders. Then, sort your blocks into three piles: two piles of five white blocks, and one pile of the five pink blocks. The two white piles will become the top and bottom of your finished design, while the pink squares will make up the sides.

3. To make the top of your biscornu, whip-stitch five of the Block A squares together (as pictured), by passing the needle through the backstitch border, rather than the fabric, on both squares – this will give a much neater finish. Repeat this process with the remaining five Block As for the bottom of the piece.

4. Whip-stitch the five pink Block Bs to a collection of Block As to make up the sides. Now, whip-stitch the other collection of Block As to them. Keep stitching until you reach the final edge of the last block. At this point, push plenty of stuffing in through the opening, then whip-stitch up the final side to close.

5. Finally, add the buttons – tack one button to the centre of the biscornu at the top and one to the bottom. Take your needle through both holes of the top button, then through the biscornu (pulling tight to give it shape) and through one hole of the bottom button and back up through the other hole. Repeat a few times to secure.


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