Correct tension for stitching

By mark-worldofXS, Tue, 2010-08-10 13:37

1 Stretch your fabric taut over a hoop as you stitch. Using a hoop will help you to avoid making stitches that either pucker the fabric or hang too loose. With a nice flat surface to work on, it’s much easier to make stitches that cover the fabric neatly. Hoops come in many sizes, so you should be able to find one to fit whatever size of project you are working on. They are available in most needlecraft shops.

2 Use the 'stab' method rather than the ‘sewing’ method as you stitch. This means that you should complete each part of the cross stitch in a separate motion, instead of running the needle through two holes together in the same movement. The sewing method may seem quicker, but it is more likely to make your stitches uneven.

3 Think about the way you pull your thread each time you make a stitch. Do you pull it so tightly that the thread puckers the fabric? Or perhaps you tend to over-compensate and leave too much slack in your stitches? Always pull your threads firmly but not too tightly, and be aware of your technique throughout the course of the project.

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