Make time for Xmas stitching!

By sarahcrazymag, Mon, 2011-11-14 13:13
Make time for Xmas stitching!

We've been spoiling you absolutely rotten with all of our gorgeous Christmas designs in Cross Stitch Crazy and The World of Cross Stitching – the only problem is, they're so irresistible, you need to put a plan into action to get them all done in time for the big day! Here are our top tips to spend more tiem stitching this holidays season!  

  1. It's time to cut the clutter! Go through your stitchy stash and take any unwanted items to the charity shop. Organise your charts, threads and needles so that everything is where it should be. A tidy stash leads to a tidy mind, and if you know where everything is, you'll find it easier to pick up a project and start stitching in any spare moment that you have.
  2. Christmas is a busy time for the whole family, try and make to-do lists for all your chores; from making the kids' nativity play costumes, to buying the ingredients for Christmas dinner and of course, buying must-have party essentials. Ticking everything off the list as you go will give you a sense of achievement and help you to remain calm.
  3. Make sure that you’ve got everything you need for all your stitching, so that you don’t have to keep popping out to the craft shop, as you’re likely to get distracted by new kits, gift shopping or other errands. The internet is a saviour for this. You can order all your stitching essentials in bulk – not only will it save you time but you’ll save pennies on P&P too.
  4. Invite your friends or family over for tea and cake or a DVD night, rather than a dinner party, so you can stitch at the same time. You'll still be able to have a good natter, but you won’t have the pressure of cooking a whole meal. Your stitchy pals will love the chance to join in with a bit of stitching too!
  5. Get together with one or two of the mums at school and offer to look after each others' kids one night a week in the run-up to Christmas. That way you'll have a couple of child-free evenings a week, and your children will love spending time getting excited about Christmas with their friends.
  6. Treat yourself to a subscription to Crazy. Your favourite magazine will be delivered directly to your door every month – just think of the time you'll save rushing out to the supermarket to snap up your copy! You can call 0844 844 0388 to become a Crazy subscriber today.
  7. Set aside a weekend to spend cooking. Buy all the ingredients to make your Christmas pudding, cake and mince pies – once you get into the swing of things, it'll be easy peasy! It also comes in handy to make family favourites like lasagne and cottage pie to freeze in bulk. They're great for feeding everyone in a hurry, and giving you more time to spend alone with your needle and thread!
  8. Take a piece of stitching with you everywhere you go. You might get a spare 20 minutes in your lunch hour, or you never know when you might be stuck in a queue or waiting for a friend. Every spare moment is precious stitching time!  
  9. Why not teach your kids to stitch? That way you can all spend time together during the festive period, and you get lots of time to stitch! They'll love stitching decorations for the tree, cards for their grandparents and their own initials to stitck onto crackers. Encouraging the older kids to show the little ones how to do with wool and 6-count binca  will save you time too.
  10. Set aside one day a week, agree not to do any household chores and spend the whole day stitching with a free conscience. If you have children or teenagers, then they're bound to appreciate the chance to earn a bit of extra spending money in the run-up to festive season, so encourage them to tidy their rooms, fill the dishwasher or run errands for you in return for a bit of extra pocket money.

    Have a very merry Stitch-mas and a happy New Year!
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