Make a thread organiser

By michelvloon, Tue, 2010-07-13 11:15
A piece of card hole punched

1 Thread sorters come in really handy for medium to large cross stitch designs with lots of colours. First, count how many shades of stranded cotton are used in the key – this design uses 31, which we'll round up to 32. Halve this to give you the number of holes you will need down each side of the cardboard (16). From the front panel of an empty cereal box, cut a rectangular piece and punch 16 holes down each long edge. The holes should be at least 5mm apart, so make sure your piece of card is big enough.

2 Once all your holes are punched, you can start labelling them. Start at the top of the key and write the first thread code next to the hole at the top left of the thread sorter. If you have room, you can also write the colour name next to the code for extra clarity. Work down the key until you get to the bottom. Make sure you also write the name of the design somewhere on the thread sorter – we've written ours along the top.

3 Collect all the threads together for your design and cut each skein into manageable lengths for stitching. One skein of stranded cotton will cut down evenly into 40cm or 50cm lengths, depending on what you prefer. Re-combine the lengths of each colour, then find the corresponding hole on your thread sorter and loop the threads through. The best way to do it is to double the threads over, then pass the ends through the loop to secure. Sorted!

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