Sara Moon - the artwork that made the cross stitch

By Hannah-XSGold, Wed, 2011-08-17 12:02

You can stitch this exclusive Sara Moon Design of Charlotte with The World of Cross Stitching 181, as well as finding out more about the mystery of Sara Moon, and who the artist behind these designs really is...


John D  Moulton, the dedicated fan who solved the mystery shares his top 10 Sara Moon paintings with us


1. “Jennifer” 1977

Along with “Lisa”, Jennifer began my journey into the art of Sara Moon. The simplicity of the lines as they flow from hard and absolute to soft through invisible was captivating to me.


2. “Diana” 1977

See how those eyes penetrate from within the shadow of Diana’s arm and the soft breeze that is almost palpable across the head of that friendly hound.

3. “Elaine” 1978

The soft edges and ‘white space’ remain, as do those piercing eyes, but now more emphasis is being given to skin tones, too.

4. “Sara” 1981

This artwork is all about soft, sensuality. An impossibly beautiful face with slightly oversized eyes, leads on to adornments that are both essential and of no consequence at all.


5. “Romantic” 1981

Romantic is exactly the right title for this artwork. It takes us back to times gone by with a remarkable simplicity that is far from simple to achieve.

6. “Hippy Girl” 1981

For the first time we see the whole of the subject portrayed completely and greater evidence of the artist’s skills in rendering fabric creases and folds.

7. “Rocker Girl” 1982

To see this painting is to see something as close to perfection as you are ever likely to find. The depiction of beauty, fabric, leather and suede are utterly breathtaking.


8. “Catherine” 1982

This painting at once takes us both backward and forward. Though there is a return here to utter simplicity, there is high detail in the hair, the flower and the boots.

9. “Ruby” 1983

The way Ruby’s eyes come at you from beneath those heavy brows in a way that leaves room for purity and innocence is, without doubt, the remarkable achievement of this painting.

10. “Die Geschenkte Rose” 1990

There have been many very lovely ‘couples’ images created by Bijan but for me “The Gifted Rose” is the pinnacle piece.

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