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Morning / afternoon

Postby xstitchderdee » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:44 am

Morning to everyone. Overcast here and had a little rain this morning but not enough to even make the ground wet. Quite chilly too.

Made a batch of crunchie biscuits this morning so the tin is full again. But I usually only put 1 cup of coconut in and today (mainly because I had a full packet of coconut) I decided to follow the recipe and put 2 cups in as it says but not happy with the 2 cups. It makes the mixture very dry so going to mark it on my recipe to not use 2 cups again. But they still taste nice.

Also have planned all the pages for the wedding planner for a young girl at work. Worked out how I am going to cover the file and to decorate the pages. And then I looked for glue to start and got no glue. Was so angry but at least it will be easier to do now that its all planned out. Have stitched 4 little motifs and still have 3 to go just to finish it off.

Yesterday I took two of my smaller completed projects in for framing. Strangely the little small one is going to cost the same as the bigger one. Got something to do with the mount board I chose for the smaller one being more expensive.

Sylvie hope you got the call that you were hoping for regards your new wheelchair.

Chicken curry for lunch today and I have a chocolate brownie pudding for afters.

Hope you all have a good day.
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Re: Morning / afternoon

Postby del56 » Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:21 am

Just got back from nice walk. Clouded over now but sun was out for a short while.

Going to get lunch, sausage rolls & crisps. Tonight cold chicken salad then blackberry & apple pie with custard. yummy:)
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Re: Morning / afternoon

Postby jayneb » Sun Aug 13, 2017 1:58 pm

Enjoying my day off , been out shopping with MIL and came home with a lovely grey jacket and some crafty stuff from poundland so a happy girl :) Coming along with my HAED had to frog some last night though but back on track with it.

Happy Sunday to all .
“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”
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