How to do blanket stitch for decorative seams

By Ruth-worldofxs, Tue, 2015-05-05 17:02
Blanket stitch

You will need:

  • sharp needle (a sewing needle, sometimes called a crewel needle, or sharp, rather than a tapestry needle for cross stitch which is blunt-tipped)
  • sewing thread (often stranded cotton is used, so you can achieve a decorative effect that complements your cross stitched project)
  • fabric pieces to be seamed together (felt works really well for this technique and is very forgiving, especially if you are learning as it does not fray!)

Step 1 Use two strands of stranded cotton, threaded in your needle as you would for a loop start. Start off your thread in between the felt layers – it’s easy to hide it inside the felt ‘sandwich’, and it won’t show.

Step 2 Take the needle down through both layers (as in the photo), a short distance away and aiming across the diagonal of an imaginary square shape. You’re working along the fabric edge... and in, by the same distance...

Step 3 Now pull the thread through so that the thread loops around this first stitch, and borders the sides of that imaginary square shape. Each stitch you now take going down through the fabric layers, and looping the thread repeats this process. A ‘border’ of the thread is left running along the edge of your felt layers, which are now sewn together, and also the two sides look just the same, for a neat finish. Finish off your thread as normal, weaving the end between the fabric so it’s hidden.


Tip: Try varying the spacing and length of stitches for a homespun finish, that is imagine not stitching the edges of imaginary squares, but rectangles or shapes with sloping edges. This can be especially effective if your project is a whimsical or quirky style. 

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