How to make a draught excluder

By Fiona-worldofxs, Fri, 2014-06-20 09:47
How to make a draught excluder

Make a draught excluder for your home


1 Cross stitch your design in the centre of your piece of fabric as usual - for our wildflower chart in issue 218 the fabric measured 61x81cm (24x32in) - making sure that the two long edges of the fabric overlap at the back. Once your stitching’s done, gently wash (if necessary) and press.

2 Fold the raw edges in along each long edge and fold over a second time, pressing to form a 2cm (¾in) double hem. Pin and machine- or hand-sew in place. Now lay the hemmed piece flat so that one edge slightly overlaps the other, with the right sides facing.

3 Pin and sew, either by machine or hand, along the short ends of the draught excluder using a 2cm (¾in) seam allowance. Trim away excess fabric at the corners by making diagonal cuts, to reduce bulk when it is turned through. Press the seams open.

4 Turn through to the right side. Insert a cushion pad or fill with wadding, taking care to make sure you have a firm finish to make sure your draught excluder’s effective! Slip stitch the opening closed to finish.

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