How to make a wooden spoon hanging

By WOXS-freelance, Tue, 2017-08-29 14:00
make a wooden spoon hanging

Stitch this cheeky saying chart from issue 260 (Nov 2017) of The World of Cross Stitching, then follow the instructions below to make your very own hanging for the kitchen!

1 Carefully trim your finished stitching using a pair of sharp fabric scissors, leaving a 2cm (¾in) border. Cut a piece of backing fabric to match.

2 To make each tab, cut a strip of backing fabric measuring 6x10cm (2¼x4in). Fold in half lengthways and sew a 1cm seam (¼in) along the long edge. Press open the seam and turn through, so the seam is now on the inside. Repeat to make a second tab.

3 Fold the tabs in half by putting the two ends together. Place along the top edge of your aida stitching taking care they are equally spaced from the far sides of your project for balance, and with the loops pointing downwards. Pin in place.

4 Place your backing fabric and stitched piece together with right sides facing and pin all around. Sew together with a 1.5cm (½in) seam, around all four edges but leaving a 4cm (1½in) gap for turning. Turn through, taking care to poke out the corners tidily (using a needle to help!) then press and then sew up your gap. Slipstitch is a good stitch to use for a neat, invisible finish.

5 Thread your wooden spoon through the loops and hang with a matching length of ribbon. Easy!

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