Make a crafty storage hoop!

By helencrazymag, Mon, 2014-04-28 12:05
Make this crafty storage hoop

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make this crafty storage project using a simple wooden embroidery hoop. Ours is made using the charts from the Mini makes project in Crazy issue 189, but you could also adapt other stitching to fit.   

Step 1: Fold your pocket fabric in half with the wrong sides facing, then maching-stitch a hem 1cm (1/2 in) from the fold Take the inside section of your hoop and lie your stitching face up on top.

Step 2:  Place your pocket fabric halfway down the stitched design, with the hemmed edge on the top. Push the outer hoop down on top of both fabrics, and tighten the screw to secure.

Step 3:  Trim off any excess aida and fabric, making sure to leave a border of roughly 2.5cm (1in). Cut a circle measuring 10cm (4in) in diameter from adhesive backed felt.

Step 4:  Turn your hoop ove so the reverse is facing you, then fold in the fabric and aida outside of the hoop in towards the middle, sticking it down with the felt circle as you go.

Step 5:  Make sure any stray edges are all tucked in, then you're finished and ready to hang your hoop. Tie a length of ribbon under the screw, then pin both ends to the wall to display!

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