How to make a cute cat toy!

By helencrazymag, Mon, 2014-02-17 14:14
How to make a cute cat toy!

Ensure your cat has plenty of fun in the house with these oh-so-sweet toys. Add catnip for an extra-fun kick!

1. Draw an outline around the edge of your stitched designs, leaving a minimum two square border, then trim into a rectangular shape, ensuring they are both the same size. 

2. To make a fishing line toy, pin a length of string to the front piece of your design, making sure the string hangs approximately 2cm (3/4in) over the tail end of the character.

3. Pin the front and back pieces together with right sides facing, making sure the designs line up. Machine-stitch together along the outline, leaving the head end open. 

4. Cut the excess fabric around your stitching, making sure not to trim too closely to the hem, then turn through to the right side. Press flat on a cool heat. 

5. Stuff the toy with catnip or padding to fill it out, and tuck the edges up inside. Neatly slipstitch the gap closed by hand, making sure to pull your stitches tight so no filling escapes.

6. Tie the other length of your string to a length of dowel rod. You can now tease your pet kitty to your heart's content! Do remember, however, that pets should be supervised when playing with toys.

The charts for these cute toys originally appeared in issue 185 of Crazy. If you don't have it, you can order a back copy here!

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