Turn your stitching into a doorstop!

By yvettecrossstit..., Thu, 2014-04-10 10:46
Turn your stitching into a sweet doorstop!

Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to make up your stitching into this handy doorstop. Ours is made using the pretty house chart from issue 190, but you could easily use a similar-sized design! 

Step 1: 
Attach a piece of iron-on interfacing to the reverse of your finished stitching following the manufacturer's instructions, then trim the fabric to 18x18cm (7x7in), making sure your design is at the centre.

Step 2: 
From your backing fabric, cut out two side panels, a top panel and a bottom panel, each measuring 18x10cm (7x4in), and one back panel measuring 18x18cm (7x7in). 

Step 3: 
Pin one long edge of the top panel to the top of your stitching, matching up the raw edges and with right sides facing. Machine-stitch together using a 1cm (½in) seam allowance. Repeat along the other three sides of your stitched design.

Step 4: 
From your backing fabric, cut a piece measuring 23x10cm (9x4in) to make your handle. Fold the long edges towards the middle with wrong sides facing and press. Fold in half again so the raw edges are tucked inside, then stitch along both long edges, 0.5cm (¼in) in from the edge, to secure. 

Step 5: 
Pin one end of the handle to the short edge of the top panel, matching up the raw edges and with right sides facing. Machine-stitch together using a 1cm (½in) seam allowance. Repeat along the other short side of the top panel. 

Step 6: 
With right sides facing and using a 1cm (½in) seam allowance, machine-stitch together the short edges of the side panels to form the four sides of your doorstop. Attach the back panel to the side panels in the same way, leaving an 8cm (3in) gap along the top edge. Turn through to the right side, using a knitting needle or similar to push out the corners.  

Step 7: 
Place a plastic bag so it fits neatly inside your doorstop, leaving enough of the bag at the top to pour in 1kg of rice. Once your rice is in the bag, tie a secure knot and push fully inside.

Step 8: 
Use plenty of wadding to fill the remaining space at the top of your doorstop. To finish, neatly slipstitch the gap at the top of your doorstop closed.

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