How many strands should I use?
Is it OK to wash evenweave?
Why don't my stitches seem to cover the fabric adequately?
How do I cut out the design when I've stitched it?
How can I thread my needle more easily?
How do I start and finish off the thread?
Should I choose a halogen or daylight bulb? And what about fluorescent daylight?
I want to backstitch round a simple floral design, but black seems to look too harsh - what shade should I use?
Do I need both embroidery and needlecraft scissors?
How can I avoid my stitching pressing against the glass?
Is there any specialist equipment needed to stitch on paper?
I use a hoop when I stitch on fabric, but how can I hold perforated paper securely?
How do I avoid getting in a muddle when unpicking mistakes?
I've finished a design, only to realise there's not enough border left for the frame I wanted to put it in, what should I do?
How can I be sure the backstitch detail I'm stitching on a design won't pucker my fabric?
What needle do I use for waste canvas?
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