Should I use a hoop for stitching on evenweave?
How much do I need to spend on a lamp?
How can I limit the number of colours when designing a sampler?
Where do I start stitching a design?
How much do I need to spend on a lamp?
What can I use evenweave for, apart from pictures?
Which needle should I use for evenweave?
What lamp do I need if I already have a tapestry frame?
Is it better to complete each cross individually or to work them in rows?
Can I hang my stitching in the bathroom?
What needle do I use for beadwork?
How can I be sure the backstitch detail I'm stitching on a design won't pucker my fabric?
How do I avoid getting in a muddle when unpicking mistakes?
How do I stop my French knots ending up on the back of the fabric?
How do I keep my stitching neat?
How can I avoid my stitching pressing against the glass?
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