What size should I cut my fabric?
What size of scissors should I buy?
How many strands of thread should I use on perforated paper?
What size needle do I need for cross stitch?
What lamp do I need if I already have a tapestry frame?
How can I make my French knots look bigger?
Can I stitch the same designs on paper as I would on fabric?
Where do I start stitching a design?
How much do I need to spend on a lamp?
Should I use a hoop for stitching on evenweave?
Why don't my stitches seem to cover the fabric adequately?
Should I choose a halogen or daylight bulb? And what about fluorescent daylight?
Why do my threads twist as I stitch?
I want to stitch a design that has areas left unstitched – how do I do this on plastic canvas?
Is there any specialist equipment needed to stitch on paper?
Can I hang my stitching in the bathroom?
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