Stitching techniques

Correct tension for stitching

Using an embroidery hoop can help you get the correct tension for stitching to amke sure your fabric doesn't get distorted as you stitch

How to stop fabric from fraying

If you're stitching a project over several weeks or months, the fabric edges can get tatty and frayed. Here's a simple guide to help prevent this happening to your stitching.

Stitching using waste canvas

How to stitch using waste canvas

Waste canvas is great for adding cross stitch designs to all sorts of different fabrics.

How to blend threads

How to blend threads

The two-tone effect of blended stitches adds texture and movement – perfect for natural effects like fur and also leaves

or bark


How to attach charms to your stitching

How to attach charms to your stitching

Adding charms to your stitching can really add a sparkle and make a simple pattern really something special!



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